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3 Steps to Prevent Vocal Damage

SXSW® South by Southwest Conference® and Festivals has asked me to present a Sing Like You Speak™ workshop in March 2018! I will have 2 hours to share the brilliance of the Sing Like You Speak™ technique with 100’s (possibly 1000’s) of singers from all over the world. This is an amazing honor and a dream come true for me. SXSW® is an iconic global music industry event that attracts more the 30,000 people. It embodies the DIY spirit, ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive. When I first spoke … [Read More...] about 3 Steps to Prevent Vocal Damage

Help! My Voice is Trapped and Can’t Get Out!

Is your voice locked in a room – somewhere deep inside of you? More than locked, it can feel like there are no doors or windows in this room and that your voice will never be allowed to break free. The voice is apparently inaccessible. But is it really locked? And yet, you have to sing. Something else inside of you needs to sing to express yourself, to feel powerful and happy and free. I often hear private students make statements like this… “I can’t find my voice and I don’t even know … [Read More...] about Help! My Voice is Trapped and Can’t Get Out!

Singing That Feels “Too Easy”

That can’t be right! My singing feels too easy!” Wouldn’t you love to be able to say that? My students usually say that to me in anger or fear when they have a huge breakthrough. “Now what?!” Is the next question. The answer is, now you can be an artist. Now that we have trained the push and struggle and strain out of your singing is free! You can now focus on the song. My job as a voice teacher is to help people get out of their own way so their brilliant singing instrument can work … [Read More...] about Singing That Feels “Too Easy”